Thursday, April 12, 2012


The best way to stay in the game a long time is to play it safe! Here are 7 keys to help you get the most out of your game.

1. Be the Best Skater You Can Be! – Strong skating skills:
• Help keep your balance when you make contact with someone.
• Help develop a strong body, particularly your core, so you handle contact.
• Improve your confidence & decision making when moving around the ice.
2. Head Up – Head on a Swivel! - Keep your head up. This will let you:
• See everyone and everything around you, so you can take action to avoid accidental contact
• See where teammates are and help them keep their heads on a swivel
• See where your opponents are so you can avoid making poor decisions
3. Respect
• Respect for your opponent’s physical well- being
• Understand and respect the rules of the game
• Know how to play hockey safely
4. Know the Danger Zones! - This means you:
• Are aware that there are dangerous areas where contact may occur.
• Know to keep your head up and on a swivel when near or in those zones
• Approach these zones in a safe way
5. Angle, Angle, Angle! - Approach the boards on an angle. This helps you:
• Safely take the puck away from an opponent & stay with the play
• Keep your head up & on a swivel and your field of view is much larger
• Keep skating before; during and after you’ve retrieved the puck
6. Be Ready for Contact! - Always be prepared for physical contact. This will:
• Let you play at ease with loose muscles
• Keep your head up and on a swivel in anticipation of possible contact
• Help you communicate with teammates so everyone is ready for contact
7. Arms Up! - Get your arms up when going into the boards. This lets you:
• Absorb the impact of hitting the boards
• Avoid going head first into the boards
• Keep your head up and on a swivel

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